Ego Surfing pays off
Like those other things that you occasionally do for yourself, with yourself, to yourself, searching for your own name on the web is sometimes disappointing and pointless and the results are often embarassing. But occasionally a good time is had. Lately I found some nice results by looking for my name and discovering that my dad is mentioned in a book, The Birds of Washtenaw County, Michigan, because he was an avid birdwatcher. I haven't checked it out yet, but I suspect that he is listed with a group of other participants in a bird count or some such thing. He would have liked the idea.

The other payoff was when searching for my handle "Deidzoeb", I ran across someone who read my goofy little role-playing game, My Love For You Is Way Out Of Line. If that game were a car, it would only be firing on a half a cylinder, but at least it's funny to watch the thing trying to wobble down the road. Anyway, here's where the coolness comes in. A guy named Jasper McChesney wrote a short game (10 pages) called Me and the Rat: Love and Deception at Oceanic Research Base A24 (link points to a pdf file). Notes at the end of the game say, 'Credit goes to two games in particular. The Token distribution is ripped off straight from Primetime Adventures by Matt Wilson. The basic inspiration for the small cast of characters, with fixed roles, came from My Love for You is Way Out of Line by "Deidzoeb".'

Isn't that sweet? Allow me to answer that. Yes, that is frickin awesome.


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