Who else has a new copy? I'm constantly checking the web to see if anyone has reviewed or discussed Dungeons & Dayjobs. I checked the listing on to see if anyone might have reviewed it there, and discovered to my surprise that someone from Mt. Clemens, Michigan is selling a "new" copy for $4.70! That's totally amazing. I don't want to dissuade people from reselling it or from buying cheaper copies than the ones I'm trying to sell, but this copy comes from either one of the copies I've sold directly (meaning it's used), or else it's one of the review copies I've sent to local magazines or newspapers (meaning $#!*&, why didn't you at least review it before trying to profit off it?!!?!). Suppose I should have scrawled one of those annoying disclaimers on them like "REVIEW COPY ONLY - NOT FOR RESALE"? You know, the kind you see on all the CDs and books and junk at thrift stores?

Ah well. This is actually kind of encouraging. I've felt bad that there has been no groundswell of people rushing to buy Dungeons & Dayjobs, no international bestseller lists just yet. But it would be an interesting threshold if someone actually bought a used copy of my book. I don't know why. It's just the thought that someone had enough confidence in my book to list it on amazon, as if there might be an audience of people wanting to buy it used. Be the first person EVER to buy a used book written by Rob Northrup!

(By the way, if you're thinking of buying it new, I'll get more profit if you buy through If you buy it through amazon, they'll eat up some of my profit.)

Oh yeah, and my first promotional success: today's issue of the Chelsea Standard has my photo on page B-1 next to the article "Chelsea grad pens book." Get you some copies of that too!


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