Latest news is that there's a class-action lawsuit on behalf of stockholders against the company where I work. Management assures us it's not an Enron type problem, which is probably what Enron told their peeps when they were blowing up, or like Vader probaby phoned-in to all the stormtroopers who were stuck on the Death Star and asking for permission to get in the escape pods just before the Rebels put their torpedo down the whatever shaft. Maybe not like that. I'm hoping they're right. (Management, not Vader.)

In other news, I now have copies of Dungeons & Dayjobs for sale on consignment at ALL THE BETTER BOOKSTORES. Namely at Downtown News & Books in Asheville, NC, Serendipity Paperback Book Exchange in Chelsea, MI, and Nostalgia Ink in Jackson, MI. Over 66% of the people who accepted it were not old high school friends of mine. It's probably not worth bragging about, because consignment is really low-risk for the store. If the books don't sell, then they return them to me and I'm stuck with the cost of them. However, it's nice to know that a few bookstores are willing to sacrifice shelf-space and maybe a little of their credibility by having my book in stock.


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