Levi's announced plans to produce iPod jeans with pockets and iPod accessories built in. At first I thought it was just pockets, but this has a tiny amount of value added. Or double your pleasure by holding your jeans up with TuneBuckle (belt buckle that nano will fit in).

If you feel that you need jeans branded and designed around your iPod, I have a bridge designed for your specific car that will transport it directly to Brooklyn. Just let me know your car's make and model so I can plaster the logos on the entrance and exit, then we can make a deal.

Luckily my Buslink mp3 player (about half the cost of an iPod nano with twice the memory) fits nicely in a Burger King Star Wars Watch Tin, which I customized by lining it with bubble wrap. And the whole tin fits in the inside chest pocket of my bulky crunkasfudge New York jacket which I got at Value World for $5.


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