I thought it was weird to see sightseeing tours aimed at role-playing gamers. For a whole new level of weirdness, here's an appeal for donations to the City of Cross Plains Fire Relief Fund, with the suggestion that you let them know you're an REH fan. (REH = Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan and lots of other pulps, whose hometown was Cross Plains, TX.) "If you'd like them to know that the contribution is coming from an REH fan, you could just add a little note, or else you can send your donation to Bill for inclusion with those of other REH fans."

For more info, see the Robert E. Howard United Press Association website. "As of 12-28-2005 word is that the Howard Museum was untouched save for a scorched lawn. No word yet on whether the town's Library was damaged, or on the fate of the REH typescripts and the Gent From Bear Creek book kept there."


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