Have you seen Enough, that J.Lo battered wife revenge movie?

**SPOILERS. Don't read further if you want the ending of the movie to be a surprise.***
It was watchable, but slightly over the top. Like the abusive husband can't just be an average abusive husband, or a really mean abusive husband: he's the all-american hollywood abuser of all time. He's rich enough to follow her all over the country and use goons to track her down everywhere she goes. Plus the father who abandons her happens to be a wealthy artist or tycoon or something, so he eventually throws tons of money at her. At one point she uses some kind of pepper-spray in a bracelet/watch band to fend off her ex-husband. Then she said, "Battered, James Battered." (Okay, she didn't say that, but she really did spray him with her watchband.) Finally when she decides she can't keep running forever, and that the legal system can't help her, she goes to a martial arts trainer for less than a month and becomes ninja assassin J.Lo. After all that crap, the final confrontation should have been bigger. Abusive husband should have pulled out a grenade launcher or something to raise the stakes again. Or at least do some high kicks and claim that he was trained by shaolin priests.


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