Portable Litter Device
I wouldn't have thought there would be a need for such a thing, but Marlboro apparently recognized it and jumped on it. You're standing outside your friend's house smoking, because they don't allow smoking inside. You don't want to pitch the smoldering butt in the street or their bushes... Okay, you WANT to, but super-ego restrains you. You don't want to bring it back indoors and throw it in their trash, to start a fire in their garbage. (Not like it would really happen, but try explaining that to a paranoid non-smoker.)

In the past, your options have been sticking butts in your pocket, secretly sneaking them into the garbage when you get inside, or overcoming your superego and chucking them in the street. Now you have this steel contraption that looks like a lighter, designed specifically for putting out and storing butts when you don't have a convenient place to dispose of them. An altoid tin could have done the trick, but this is so much more sleek.


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