MacVooty Radio
The wacky college radio station near the town where I grew up used to have a show called "You've Got To Be Modernistic" hosted by Professor Arwulf Arwulf. The radio commercial for his show was sounded like a shortwave or AM signal slowly tuning in to a 1930s jazz show. "From high atop the Student Activities Hotel in downtown treetown, it's You've Got To Be Modernistic", describes the show and the time and the station, then fades out again as if you're losing the signal.

Somewhere in there, you hear the voice of maybe a bandleader saying, "Are we ready? To the left a vouty. Ready? Rooty. Arooty rooty."

After some light research the last few days using keywords "vouty" and "voutie" and "vout", I was able to track down info about an hepster named Slim Gaillard. A specialist in scat, Kerouac drops his name in "On The Road", and you may have even heard his more popular wacky song "Cement Mixer, Puti Puti." He was talented and his slow songs are really good straight jazz, although it sounds like he uses them mostly to set up for funny transitions into fast scatting bebop.

In the course of scatting all the time, he settled on a few made-up words that held his interest, and used them in normal spoken intros before playing songs, or in between songs. Especially "vouty" or "vout" or "oroonie" or "oreeny". From various bios I read, he peaked in the 40s, performed through the 50s and maybe a little of the 60s, then ran a hotel and didn't have much of a musical career for a while.

He's funny. I looked him up on Amazon and listened to a bunch of his clips. Today I found "MacVooty Radio", a live365 station set up with Gaillard round the clock. I've been listening ten minutes now. I know that people have made careers out of Scat. But how many decades can one expect to sustain a singing career adding "oreety oroonie" and introducing every song as the third movement in Opera Vouty Oreeny voot voot?


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