Tales Of Fatima - "Time To Kill"
Remember, Fatima is the long cigarette that's long on quality.
A radio mystery named after the product they're trying to hype, complete with incidental music straight out of cartoons, stolen identities, a hand reaching out from a banister with a gun in it (Look out!) and starring Basil Rathbone as Basil Rathbone.

Another good series is Voyage of the Scarlet Queen, combining old school seafaring adventures with hard-boiled smuggler mysteries set in obscure Asian ports in the late Forties. Funny to hear the hero spewing dialog like he's caught between Raymond Chandler and Two Years Before the Mast. As the ketch Scarlet Queen winds her way up a Chinese river, "the stream was jammed from bank to bank with the traffic of Chinese rivers: junks, barges and refuse. Curious dark eyes swept us as we past. Naked girl babies were held up to us for sale." [Good if you can ignore the racism.]

Apparently episode 15, aired on 10/09/47 was titled "The Tattooed Beaver And Baby Food For Pare Pare." Guess you had to be there.


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