It's the Kids. Lock Up the China! - New York Times: "A generation ago, adult children visiting their parents' homes might have left with a Tupperware container of lasagna. Today, many of them stealthily make off with toiletries, groceries, sometimes clothing and even furniture. It is an apparently widespread practice, born of a sense of entitlement among young adults - and usually amusedly tolerated by parents - that gives new meaning to the phrase 'home shopping.' Like most adults, the pilferers have set up their own households, but they seem not to have given up the expectation that their parents should provide for them in certain ways. They loot their parents' houses to cut costs, or because they would rather not pay for incidentals. Or because they want things with sentimental value."

Ma and Frank might disagree, but I think the only things I've pillaged have been books and videos that were mine anyway. And I always show them what I'm taking so they wouldn't accuse me of something like that. I can't think of anything that they've disputed.


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