I knew there were a few dozen websites that linked to Art of Laze recipes, but my latest ego-surfing puts it in a whole new perspective.
Google Search for "evilbobdayjob"
Results 1 - 10 of about 559 for evilbobdayjob.
I don't have 559 pages on this site, so that's mostly other people! Subtract maybe 20 or 30 hits that go to this site or that link to public messageboards where I've mentioned the url. That leaves over 500 sites. Pretty cool.

Unfortunately if you perform a Google Search for "evilbobdayjob -ysb", you'll only see about 268 possible hits.

Which means that about half of the total links are to the number one "adult role-playing game" on several web directories, You Stupid B!tch. Go figure. They only want me for my sex.


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