I finally got around to setting up Awkwardly with an RSS site . If you don't know what it means, you can click on that chicklet and it will give some more info. Better yet, don't bother. From a reader/consumer's viewpoint, I honestly think the value of learning it and setting it up is not worth the effort you have to put into it. That's why I didn't bother with it for 12 or 18 months after I learned about RSS. But there are free sites making it easier and easier, so I might as well accomodate both readers of my website who might have an interest to receive a feed of this.

I'll also get some tracking info, so I can see how disappointingly few people bother to grab my feeds. (Don't just syndicate out of pity! They can track that too!) Tripod tells me that I get about 100 or 150 hits per day on my website, presumably counting all pages. Unfortunately, I know from past experience that the biggest draws seem to be my pages about Art of Laze recipes and Fuck Texas and maybe You Stupid B!tch, which probably won't draw the kind of people who have any interest in my fiction or this blog. Ah well, it's nice to see some traffic no matter what brings them here. And no one on the F-TX guestbook has offered to cut my face for a few years now, so that's progress.

I spent about 2 hours today setting up to point to all the websites I hit daily, although a few of them have no feed. Will it revolutionize the way I surf? We'll see.

...Several hours later. I'm starting to see the advantage here. After working my way through the ten or twelve blogs I hit every day plus a few more, I would have been forced to find something else to do. There's no way I would have started over and skimmed through every one of them looking for new material. But with all of those sites fed to one page, I'm able to skim through and see new posts on a few of them. So far, so good.


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