Ego-surfing update! A friend emailed me an image of that Deadlands: Doomtown card. Not exactly the spitting image of me.

The card reads:
Rare 1. Type: Dude, Cost 4, Upkeep 1, Value 6S.
Bullet: 0D, Influence: 0, Outfit SR.
Any strike where Northrop is present
produces double its normal ghost rock when Northrop is unbooted.
Flavor Text: He's a real quiet fella, Northrop. Doesn't say much. But
he works hard enough to kill a buffalo, and Damned if he doesn't keep
pulling up ghost rock by the crateful. -CL

[For your friendly neighborhood Robert T. Northrup, the Flavor Text would be more like "Doesn't work much, but he talks hard enough to kill a buffalo."]


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