ego surfing thru the deadlands

I was googling my name last night and hit a strange discovery. Besides finding several doctors "Robert Northrup", a big time realtor in San Diego by that name, and a death announcement for one that died in 2002, I came across my name as a character in a Pokemon-style card game called Deadlands: Doomtown.

I can't find an image of the card on the web, but my name crops up in a list of drawings that this artist had done for the card game, where he's offering to sell the original paintings. Apparently my name evokes a gritty Western gunslinger image, or else it's so plain sounding that it seems realistic. Shut up, Smitty! That ain't nice, you laughin.

This guy also painted some cards for Magic: the Gathering and other games. I'm not interested in buying the original painting, but I wonder how many of those damn little out-of-print "booster packs" I'd have to buy to find this card with my name. If the character isn't an ugly undead storekeeper, it might make a cool business card!


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