"As for the bombing of Mecca, Tancredo's statement said 'I do not advocate this. Much more thought would need to be given to the potential ramifications of such a horrific response.' " [via]

Don't bitch at Rep. Tom Tancredo for "throwing out some ideas" about bombing Mecca. Bitch at him for his quibbling damage control statement, not admitting the idea is misdirected and evil on the face of it (like bombing Pinkney, Michigan in retaliation for Timothy McVeigh's attack on Oklahoma City federal building), but actually persisting that the idea might hold merit if "much more thought" were put into it. Let me guess, we're going to get Douglas Feith, Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, the whole Cakewalk Crew, people like that will think about the potential ramifications?

Meanwhile, searching, I couldn't find any press release clarifying that he would only suggest bombing Mecca after much more thought. However I did find an ironic press release titled "Tancredo Slams Senior Chinese Official for Nuke Threat." The subtitle is "Congressman Demands Apology, Repudiation of Threat from Chinese Government."

Wait, one last joke. 'Tancredo chided China’s communist government, noting that, “For a senior government official to exhibit such tremendous stupidity by making such a brazen threat is hardly characteristic of a modern nation – particularly one planning to host the Olympic Games.”'

How dare you make the same kinds of hypothetical nuclear threats that we make, after we even let you host the Olympics!? Shame! Keep making threats like that (like we do) and we'll take back all our McDonald's out of your silly, unmodern country!


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