My Terrifying, Dry Warrior

"I've been sober three weeks now. I'm pretty sure I've hit my lowest low and I don't want to go there ever again. It helped me refocus my life. The event was I missed eleven out of eleven on the fractions quiz. You might get to the third or fourth degree in the Junior Order of the Free and Accepted Millwrights of Fowlerville with Cs and Ds, but you aren't gonna get to the thirty-third degree. The way you move up in this organization is by getting good grades, doing what you're told, getting your job done. Plus a little volunteer work when you hit middle school. Looks good on your college applications."

A friend suggested that we both write pulp stories based on the same elements, then compare notes to see how we interpreted things differently. Unfortunately I took more than six months to write five chapters. So here it is.


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