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My dayjob usually involves shuffling medical journals and news magazines that we receive each day, making some notes about them in our database and shelving them to be put on microfilm at the end of the year or end of the volume. When I started here about 7 years ago, I eagerly looked up comics and pulp magazine titles and found a few really old ones in our database. Nothing new, but at least it was cool to think that people could buy microfilm of old pulps and comics through our company.

Today I'm processing a "product change" on "Street and Smith's Shadow Magazine" and "Street and Smith's Shadow Comics." Whoever currently owns the rights decided they don't want us offering microfilm of it anymore. What a disappointment.

At least we still film Playboy and Penthouse, so I can still list my profession as "MICROPORNOGRAPHER." Oh, and we still sell Devil Dogs Comics and Doc Savage Comics, so not a total loss.


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