"When I looked at the list of cities where there will be events [protests] today, I was most excited to see my hometown of Fargo, North Dakota. If people are in the streets in Fargo, the revolution must be just around the corner. You betcha."
-- speech by Robert Jensen, journalism professor at U of T - Austin, at an anti-war rally on Mar 19, 2005

That's how I felt about Jackson. There were more events and bigger rallies in Lansing and Ann Arbor, but to think that 30-40 people felt appropriate marching in front of veterans' memorials downtown in the birthplace of the Republican party, somehow that seems more of a challenge to the status quo than hundreds gathering in A2 or the state capitol.

Oh yeah, and there's even an active group where I grew up, the Chelsea Area Network of Peace Activists! (Population 4398 as of 2000). I might have gone there instead, except the only event I found on Mar 19 in Chelsea was a conference with speeches. Dude, if there are protests in Jackson and Chelsea, something's bubbling up.


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