Melinda's average day involves several hours discussing politics and mental health on message boards and email groups, as well as looking up mental health news so she can send links to all her friends and correspondents. She finally agreed to put this to good use by assembling a DIY radio show. Which is to say, she and I recorded some stuff on the computer, and anyone who's interested can download the mp3 at

The show is called "Out of Sight, Out of Mind." The Feb 1 installment was 26 minutes long, file size 2 Mb. We might put them together monthly or semi-weekly, or whenever Melinda gets the urge. The topic of the show is mental health stigma. I read some news stories that Melinda found, then we talked about it afterward. Some of the things mentioned:
-the idea of comparing racism to mental health stigma
- censorship of sexism on Houston Indymedia and how it does not seem to apply to mental health stigma
- the Christmas Comedy Coup players skit on Bush and schizophrenics

Contains cuss words.

Please let Melinda know if you liked it or if you'd like to receive emails when new installments come out. She's at


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