Rice Pledges to Mend Ties as Confirmation Hearings Begin
Unfortunately for progressives, Rice hasn't been caught doing anything that would be deemed worthy of prosecution by the other foxes guarding our national henhouse. But is the change from Colin Powell to Rice enough of a difference to waste any time thinking about it? Rice has been dishing out Kool-Aid domestically. Powell bitches about it, but never stopped fulfilling his role of serving Kool-Aid to other nations. Obviously both of them have drunk the Kool-Aid, or how could they stand to serve it?

The only difference now is that we won't hear rumors about secret meetings where Rice swore at somebody for too many turds floating in the Kool-Aid before she served it. And Newt Gingrich will have to remember how to spell her first name when he blames her for other countries not buying the Kool-Aid.

Rice becoming Sec. of State is like one move in a shell game. When you see a huckster on a street corner trying to get people to play the shell game, you don't have to bitch about every move of every shell. You try to explain that shell games are all rigged, the whole game is the problem, not the moves or the shells.

[Trying to think of a way to talk about drinking Kool-Aid out of a shell, but I'm not that smooth. G'night.]

Maybe a Democrat with some real gonads (fictional beast like a unicorn or sphinx) could ignore what Rice has done, and just question whether anyone nominated by a lying war criminal ought to be confirmed for any government position. Right, and unicorns might fly out of my butt.

[Later... Yay! Barbara Boxer is a unicorn!]


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