Molatar's Castle: "This site is dedicated to spreading the Gospel in the werewolf and furry communities." Includes dozens of verses from scripture which could possibly relate to the miracle of shape-shifting, as well as instructions for how to pray for God to permanently change you into an animal or fantasy creature. May also work for other miracles if God finds you worthy.

In case you DO shift your shape, you will have expenses to pay for. You should be saving money RIGHT NOW in a mutual fund.

You will need money for tailored clothes, alterations to your vehicle, a good veterinarian (this is not a joke, I'm serious, GOOD vets cost ALOT), a lawyer to protect you from humans who hate the sight of you, new ID cards (driver's license, health cards, that sort of thing), change of name documentation, and other mundane but necessary things like dog toothpaste..., pin brushes, pet nail clippers, medieval swords [!!], that kind of thing.

Another...concern is this mythical army that wants to capture and dissect P-shifters for weapons experimentation (insert raucous sarcastic laughter here). But just in case its true, you'd be best to save up extra funds for a defensible hideout in the wilderness (rocky hills and swamps are best, don't get waterfront because its too expensive), a year's supply of canned goods, and plenty of ammo. If you get a nice rugged piece of land, call me and I can suggest some fortifications to build.

Can't tell if it's sincere or a hoax, but for me it works either way. Will Jesus P-shift some editor to change him into someone who will accept my novels?


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