How to Fight Terrorists

Chomsky explains How to Fight Terrorists (ZNet Blog), not based on radical socialist ideals, but the methods suggested by specialists and intelligence agencies. Police investigation and action + attending to background circumstances. What a wacky, wild, terrorist-appeasing notion.

He also points out that the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive strikes would:
"justify Japan’s attack on US military bases in Pearl Harbor and Manila. The Japanese could read the US press, with its lurid discussion of how US bombing could exterminate this inferior and vicious race by burning down Japan’s wooden cities, and they knew that flying fortresses capable of bombing Japan from Pearl Harbor and Manila were coming off the Boeing Assembly line, so they 'knew' that there was a serious threat of extermination, not just terror. Therefore, according to the 'Bush doctrine,' shared by Kerry and elites generally, Japan had every right to bomb Pearl Harbor and Manila." ...

"In 1945 the US was not willing to tolerate principles that would justify the Pearl Harbor attack. Today, it insists on principles that permit far more freedom to resort to violence and aggression..."


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