My Cat Eddie Died

[Melinda wrote a really good eulogy for our cat Eddie who died this morning:]

Many of you may not know that we had a cat Eddie. We got him a few months ago from a neighbor next door. Eddie was a healthy kitten when we got him. He had good weight.

We had to get him fixed so he would not make our girl cats, Lucky and Lozie, pregnant. After that he gained some weight and was kind of chunky. But he was always cute.

He would bite Lozie's neck and she would make these meow noises like she was getting into it. He did not try to hump her though. I think cause he had no balls he did not know what to do anymore. Lozie would not fight him as usual. She would just make these bitching noises. I suspect she had her first boyfriend, although he was also her brother since I am their mother!

When he would meow he would make a "MEH" sound. Really bitchy. Never cute squeaks like the girls.

We think Eddie died after getting into ugly water in the basement. Yesterday I did a laundry wash and there was water on the basement floor. We have still not found out what caused the water. It was not the washing machine. Eddie was down there with the nasty water and maybe he tasted some of it.

The girls are okay. I am supposed to watch them today. Eddie was barfing alot. I did not think he would die. Lucky has barfed before. But he was barfing alot so I think Rob knew. [I knew he was sick, but I thought it would pass, or that we'd have time to take him to the vet the next morning.]

Rob tried to help him by giving him water and stuff. We could not take him to the vet since the vet was closed for the night.

Rob woke up early this morning to check on him and found him. He woke me up so that we could bury him.

I have never felt an animal or person with rigor mortis so that was weird. I am sorry if I sound like a freak now. I was thinking in my head maybe he is not dead just paralyzed. But his chest would not move.

I am sorry but that rigor mortis thing weirded me out. It really does send a signal they are gone. And you can picture all the life energy that made them flexible and squishy gone. I probably sound like a dope but that was weird.

I wanted to kiss his head but Rob did not want me to. When he was alive I would kiss his lips. He was the best cat to pick up and hold. The girls squirm away. Lozie is the worst. Lucky I can hold for like ten seconds and then she starts nagging to get down. Maybe they just got sick of me?

He looked alot like Lucky. I think he had a boy face.

We took his collar off before we buried him. There is no reason to bury him with it. It was there so if he ran outside people would call and we could bring him home.

I have no pictures of him.

I wish I had gotten to live with him longer.

Now I hate my basement. I am keeping that door closed until Rob can help me get that water up.

I just checked on the girls and they are ok. Both of them were napping. They have not barfed or anything. I woke them up and bothered them.

Eddie was the second cat to steal french fries from me. Lucky was the first.

Anyways, I am sorry I talked weird in this. I wish I really knew what happened to Eddie so it never happens again. I do not want to believe it was nasty water in the basement.

Melinda =^..^=


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