Jeremy Doolittle's Bad Attitudes, after watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees: "How is it that the same nation -- and to a great extent, the exact same people in the nation -- that can at the drop of a hat produce reams of sophisticated historical information about the Red Sox's ill-fated post seasons since 1918, and whose TV announcers can present this information in a coherent, easy-to-understand and compelling way, cannot do the same with questions of war and peace?

"Specifically, why is it easy and accessible for millions of Americans to know and understand that the Sox have not been world champions since 1918, and that no team in baseball pennant history has ever come back in the post season from a three-game deficit to force a seventh game (much less win a series), while most Americans are oblivious to the fact that in the last century, at least two empires foundered attempting to occupy the very same Mesopotamian region we are in now?"


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