Hypochondria notes: in case I keel over for no apparent reason and some doctor is asking if anything unusual happened to me this week, I've been having weird stuffed-up feelings in my ears today. Around 12:20 pm I noticed the stuffed-up feeling, as if I needed my ears to pop. Holding my nose and swallowing didn't change anything. My hearing seemed diminished and I heard slight ringing for some of the time. No, I didn't see any loud bands last night. No, I didn't play through my Marshall amp last night (it's in Ma's basement still).

The stuffed up feeling and the diminished hearing seem to have cleared up by 4 pm or so, but every so often I've been hearing slight ringing for about ten seconds or so, and then it's gone. It's almost like when a tv is turned on with the sound off, and you can hear that it's on, but hard to put into words what that sound is. That's what I'm getting.

Not as bad as staticky halo aura blocking my vision like before a migraine, but it kind of scared me like that. What would I do if my hearing got so blocked in the middle of the day that I couldn't hear anyone? ugh.


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