Go balloons, go balloons! Go balloons!
I don't see anything happening.
Go balloons! Go balloons! Go balloons!
Standby confetti.
Keep coming, balloons. More balloons.
Bring it--balloons, balloons, balloons!
We want balloons, tons of them.
Bring them down. Let them all come.
No confetti. No confetti yet.
No confetti.
All right, go balloons, go balloons.
We need more balloons. All balloons!
All balloons! Keep going!
Come on, guys, let's move it.
Jesus! We need more balloons.
I want all balloons to go, goddammit.
Go confetti. Go confetti. More confetti.
I want more balloons.
What's happening to the balloons?
We need more balloons.
We need all of them coming down.
Go balloons--balloons?
What's happening, balloons?
There's not enough coming down!
All balloons, what the hell!
There's nothing falling!
What the fuck are you guys doing up there?
We want more ballons coming down,
more balloons. More balloons! More balloons!

--accidental poet Don Mischer,
producer of this year's
Democractic National Convention,
unaware that CNN was broadcasting
this outburst live from the
control room on July 29.


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