The Roof Is On Finance! (30 days, same as cash)
Here's the world famous World War I flying ace, drinking root beer and telling his comrades about the new roof on his house. Why am I regressing to Snoopy parody? Because like Snoopy's doghouse, our house looks small from the outside, but surprisingly large on the inside.

So anyhow, I had signed a contract with a local roofing company that's been around for 98 years and makes their own shingles. They're going to tear off the top layers of old shingles, check to make sure the base layer is not damaged, and then apply a new layer of shingles over top. Dude said he'd call back when he could get us on their schedule. That was a week or two ago.

This morning a little before 10 am, Melinda was still awake and I thought I came awake for no apparent reason. We were talking and kept hearing some thumping sounds outside. Sometimes when a neighbor slams a car door or does anything else loud, it resounds through our house and you can feel it through the floor. This went on, off and on for five minutes, until one of the thumps sounded very distinctly like it came from the back corner of our house. I pulled back a curtain and saw packages of shingles, some ladders, and a truck pulled backwards in the neighbor's driveway.

Hope this isn't a sign of how the whole process will go. Partly our fault, though, because they called and left a message. Melinda was on the computer all night and all morning, so we didn't check the voicemail until after the discovery out the window.

Anyhow, we'll have a garnet red roof in a few days, our savings will be empty, and all will be nifty.


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