Into your super computer, feed Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, With Six You Get Eggroll, Bullitt, every episode of the tv show Alice, all the footage you can find of Vic Tayback. When you can get a cgi simulation of Vic blowing his top in the classic way he did on Alice, then it's time to begin writing scripts.

In this delightful spin-off, Vic Tayback runs a vitamin outlet in Purgatory. Beth Howland to reprises her role as Vera, or as Mel always called her, "Dingy!". Vera led an upright life, so she's not in Purgatory for herself. She's there by choice, as a guardian angel to coax Mel through his torments, on his long road towards Heaven. Of course, Mel always gets mad at Vera, making it even harder for him to escape from Purgatory. As you can imagine, hijinx and hilarity ensue.

The name of Mel's new place and the title of the show:

Mel Atonin'!


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