Bill O'Reilly contradicted by George Bush (excerpt from Democracy Now).
Clip from an interview in which Bill O'Reilly is lightly grilling Bush about immigration policy. Bush questions an invented statistic that O'Reilly pulled out of his ass.

GEORGE BUSH: ...Now, look, people are coming because they want to work. You know that. Family values don't stop at the border.... If you can make 50 cents in the interior of Mexico and $5 in the interior of the United States, you're coming from the $5.

BILL O’REILLY: 90% of them are, but 10% are bad guys. A lot of bad guys coming in.

GEORGE BUSH: I don't know how you got the 10% number.

BILL O’REILLY: The border patrol, incarceration, violent crime, that.

I think O'really is taking the crime of illegal border crossings and assuming that they're going to commit other crimes after popping their crime-cherry. Like the act of crossing illegally makes them criminals, and labelling them as criminals implies they're going to do other horrible things like robbery (instead of just working at jobs that withold taxes and Social Security from their pay, neither of which will necessarily return any benefits to them later).

It's pretty damn bad if your statistics are so transparently fictional that even George Bush asks where you got them.


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