Beaming Pink
It is a pink kitchen, but it is our pink kitchen.

I painted from about 12:30 to 3:30 AM last night after work. Given that the walls and ceiling are about 250 square feet, minus window and door and archway, that's about 83.3333 square feet per hour.

When I finished, I felt like making some Tim Allen-style grunts to indicate my masculine accomplishment, but we have to talk about whether it needs another coat. Ugh. And I'm worried about whether the masking tape around all the edges will come off easily, or if I'll have to cut it away to prevent the paint from tearing at the edges.

All that, and it still won't be finished for a while. The corners around the ceiling are all scraggly where pieces of plaster chipped off and where I didn't bother sanding the taping compound smooth. We're hoping to cover it with some wide trim of some kind, maybe after the roof is done and we see how much money is left, or how much overtime comes my way over the fall and winter.

I thought Melinda just liked the idea of pink in general, but she said something the other day about the walls matching her Strawberry Shortcake curtains. I said, "You mean all this time, the whole point of painting the kitchen pink was so it could match your curtains?" She stalled long enough to communicate YES.


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