Each night after work I get home at eleven or midnight, usually make myself some food, try to interest Melinda but she's usually already eaten by then. Sometimes if I make a big, elaborate recipe, it will catch her interest and she'll try a bowl of it. And since the only big, elaborate recipes that Melinda likes involve driving through McDonald's or Wendy's, I've given up trying to make things she'll like, and end up cooking things that appeal to me.

So I've been working my way through the more interesting recipes in this new vegetarian cookbook I got, stocking up on necessary ingredients. I told Melinda that when I get home tonight, I'll be making one of these two recipes and she's welcome to try some. (See, no pressure for her to eat it, no feelings of inadequacy for me if she doesn't like it, just an added bonus if she likes it too.) Tonight I'll either make Cauliflower and Mushroom Gougére (yeah, Melinda's going to want to eat something unpronouncable) or Cheesy Bubble & Squeak.

Kerflumpf. That's the sound of me stumbling over a gimmick that will get Melinda trying new things. All I have to do is make up names that sound like we're eating Rainbow Brite's goony forgotten sidekick, and she'll try it.

Did I say "Cauliflower and Mushroom Gougére?" What I meant was Smurf Cap Soufflé! Fried Monchichi Loaf! Wuzzle Flambé with Gummi Bear garnish!


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