Snake People (+1968)
A.K.A. "Isle of the Snake People" +1971? Another horror movie that you can find anywhere dirt-cheap dvds are sold.

Selling points:
- Boris Karloff
- Voodoo
- Zombies
- Ladies caressing snakes and dancing to the pounding, pounding drums.
- Bald midget voodoo priest in tophat, chewing on the scenery (or at least laughing maniacally at it). Wearing sunglasses at night and in caves.
- European imperialist trying to stop the natives from practicing their heathen ways (such as human sacrifice).
- Who is Damballah, the masked leader of the cult? An attempted twist that you can guess within seconds.
- Boris' wardrobe apparently liberated from Col. Sanders.
- Several animals appear to have been harmed in the making of this film, fatally. I doubt they could have created a prop chicken that would continue twitching realistically after getting its head cut off, or a prop snake that would writhe after being thrown in the fire.
- Prudish damsel has a dream (induced by the voodoo priestess) in which she is pursued by her doppelganger, eventually making out with herself.
- The rest of the effects are so unconvincing, you can be confident that it's not a prop when she puts the snake head in her mouth.
- Cute native gal lures cop out of the bar and eats him alive, with help from other cannibal cuties.

Try to guess:
-- When the voodoo cultists have to make a human sacrifice at the climax of the movie, will they choose one of the anonymous native women who hasn't spoken any lines throughout the movie, or Karloff's niece, the lilywhite temperance worker?
-- After the way he has treated the locals, will the strict police captain survive the final confrontation?
-- Was this movie the peak of actors using only one name? Or were Julissa, Tongolele, Martinique and SantanĂ³n in any other major motion pictures? (Don't forget the single-named Still Photographer "Ciro".)
-- Given that some of the actors have light skin and others have dark skin, which ones do you suppose will become zombie slaves and which will be giving orders?

Selected quotes:
"Modern science has shown that alcohol is responsible for 99.2% of all the world's sins."

"My glasses! My glasses! My glasses!"


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