"It's a hoax device, but when the officer sawr it, it appeared to be, to him to be a molotov cocktail. It's shaped like a bottle with a fuse in it." Commanding Officer Robert Dunford.

[Unknown]: "So it's a protest statement..."

Dunford: "No, it's a provocative act."

In today's Pirate news (including pretend pirates), Democracy Now reported that a protester dressed as a pirate was arrested outside the Democratic National Convention for brandishing a paper-mache hook.

When Amy Goodman held up a microphone to ask him about it later, she says Officer Dunford slammed her arm down.

Click on the following link for info on how to donate eyeglasses to the
New Jersey Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center, Inc., and ask them to send a few pairs to the cops in Boston.


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