Here's Melinda's assessment of our vacation on the day we got home, 6 June 2004. I didn't notice it earlier because she posted it on an email group instead of on her blog....

My Vacation In Links

We just got back from vacation earlier today. I never thought I would be sick of long car rides. Here is some places we went and things we did. Not in the exact order they occured.

Jim Henson museum- Leland, Mississippi
Cute small museum. Cool for kids and dorks like me.

Cathead-Clarksdale, Mississippi
Delta Blues and Folk Art---store/gallery/mostly store

Delta Blues Museum- Clarksdale, Mississippi

Trinity Music City--Hendersonville, TN
The gift shop had a package of three soaps selling for 40 bucks!!!
Expensive!!! Lots of products from Israel, making note of that cause I know people want to protest Israel. Did not see the movie in their theater. Had a brownie at the Sold Rock Bistro, hefty prices. Went on free tour. It entailed a tour of the lower floors of the Conway Twitty mansion. Upper floors roped off. TBN staff live upstairs! They leave Xmas trees out year round. Tour also showed the studio. Saw the set for the Betty Jean Robinson show! Exciting!
Tour did not go to the church because services were underway during
the tour. Could not interrupt that.
They handed out gift bags at the end of the tour. I don't know if they did that special cause a church group was there. Anyway, that was cool whatever the reason. Maybe they always do that.
TBN car visor clip, TBN coffee mug, TBN spoon, TBN magnet were in the gift bag.

We went to the Museum of Fine Art in Houston and the Contemporary Arts Museum.

I forced Rob into a Cracker Barrel, I think in Lousiana. Rob did not want to go there because a while back Cracker Barrel sent a memo not to hire gay people. I wanted to go cause I like the dorky gift shop. So Rob foresook his principles. Oh we have no principles cause we ate fast food meat products and burned foreign oil during the whole ride. Oh, I got a kids cheeseburger cause the adult one was like half a pound. The bun was like stale so that sucked. Good steak fries though.

[Melinda forgot to mention that on the way out of Cracker Barrel, we sort of validated the fact that the company either ceased their homophobic hiring practices, or else they don't enforce it anymore. The slim young man with narrow mustache who worked the cash register tried to upsell candy to us, saying that it was "fabulous." As he cashed out other customers, he said that the skin cream was "fabulous" and every other product that they asked about or that he tried to upsell to them was "fabulous." He made Melinda sound butch by comparison.]
I never saw one of these places. We stopped in one in Mississippi. I had these high priced chicken strips. Very good. Place is expensive like Wendy's. Almost sitdown prices. Choices of fries, seasoned or waffled.

Oh I went to Jack in the Box twice. The first time was in Tennessee. I had a crappy edition of the Ultimate Cheeseburger. They changed it or something. Did not eat fries. The toll of fast food was setting in. Should have ordered the dumb salads. The salads sometimes cost more than the burgers!
Second time was okay. Had a Sourdough Jack. It was made right like I remembered.
Oh, they used to put only mayonnaise on the Ultimate Cheeseburger. Now you have to tell them to leave off ketchup and shit. They ruined a good thing. It is a piggy burger. Could barely eat it. It did not taste that great and I was overdosing on grease.

Can't remember if there is anything else. I kept a diary, a little.
Oh we went to a wax museum near Opryland. I wrote about it in my
diary. I should make it a zine.

So it was a fun trip. Oh, the most important part. I had lots of fun visiting my relatives. I got to see three nephews I never seen before. My family is doing pretty okay now. My Grandmother has been ill lately. She has to use a walker now and can't get about alot. This is a lady who like to go and blow around town selling Avon. Now Dad is the Avon lady. Dad can't stay in his own trailer since he needs to be with Grandmother all the time.
My aunt Delphy still has cancer. I have not seen her in a long time. She looked good. I saw my Aunt Faye. She owns the Piggly Wiggly in Collinsville, Mississippi. Her son in law manages it. She bbq'ed for me and Rob. That was cool.
I did want to stay at Grandmother's house with Dad and Grandmother.
Dad insisted that we stay at his trailer. It is walking distance away, the next house over. His reasons for this is we stay up late and would want to watch tv. Also they wake up alot in the night so they may keep us up.
I like Dad's trailer but I like sleeping at Grandmother's. I slept in that house for 20 some years all the times I visited.
My brother had all of us over for a BBQ and that was cool.

Anyways, that is all I will write for now.

Melinda =^..^=


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