The Exquisite Cheese of New Wave White Slaves

Here are several good reasons (okay, maybe "mitigating factors") to see Death Ride to Osaka, a 1983 movie starring Jennifer Jason Leigh which Melinda picked up on DVD for $5.99:

Jennifer Jason Leigh
Ann Jillian
Her big hair.
"White Slavery"
New wave music.
Jennifer Jason Leigh singing the Motown classic "Heat Wave" in a new wave style.
At least six to eight character actors from other movies and tv, mostly recurring minor characters on MASH, possibly one guy from Gung Ho (the Michael Keaton comedy, not the WWII movie). See if you recognize the newstand vendor, the black cop, the Yakuza boss, the mean Yakuza enforcer who owns the White Orchid club, and the old lady who looks out for vulnerable, young Jennifer Jason Leigh.
The title!: Death Ride to Osaka.


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