Election Hyperbole - great article by Michael Albert of Znet and Parecon fame.
"...Whatever your electoral inclinations, at this point repetitive, redundant entreaties about Kerry and Bush from leftists to other leftists, and even about Nader and Cobb from leftists to other leftists, and probably also entreaties from leftists to more mainstream citizens about Kerry/Bush, are most likely not the most efficient way to productively manifest our insights and utilize our energies."

Given that leftist goals won't be implemented by either of the candidates who have been selected for us, wouldn't it make more sense for leftists to forget about the presidential election for the moment and focus efforts on local political organizing or activism, something more likely to get results? That doesn't mean we should not vote, but why should we continue to debate about who to vote for when no one is likely to change their minds at this point? As for undecided voters, I don't know what to think of them. I have no sympathy or understanding for them, so I can't figure how to set them straight. Forget about them and focus on things we can actually change.


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