Blood of Heroes. Propaganda so abstract that almost no one would disagree with it. When you talk about lofty ideas like Freedom and Honor and Duty without details of what you're talking about, then it's easy to make strong statements anyone could agree with.

You know they're talking about whether the wars are right or wrong, but they don't come out and say it (until you click through on the accompanying essay from the "info" link). But I can picture people totally disagreeing with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq who would watch that thing and agree with the whole thing.

Yes, when invaders come at you, then defending yourself or allies is a righteous thing to do. But when Joe punches me and my reaction is to punch Judy, it's hard to see where the Freedom and Honor and Duty fit in. If I die in a car wreck trying to wipe out Judy and her family and acquaintances in retaliation for the attack by Joe, do I get included in the "Blood of Heroes" that you should never forget? Am I helping you keep the liberty and lifestyle you've grown accustomed to?

Never mind. No need to persuade you for or against the war. By now, you've presumably made up your mind or you don't care. Setting that aside for a moment, I guess the interesting or amusing or sad thing here is how a powerful hunk of propaganda can be so vague that it carries all the meaning you want, yet anyone could agree with it.

I should watch the thing again and see if they bring up Justice. That's the one that makes me oppose the wars and still feel patriotic.


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