The below event occurred across the street from our house yesterday. The funny thing is how they say it was on the "700 block" of our street, but the street is only one block long.

Police recover gun on [Secret] Street
[Secretopolis] police recovered a .22-caliber rifle after responding to a report of gunshots fired on [Secret] Street on Tuesday afternoon. At 2 p.m., officers were called to the 700 block of [Secret street], where witnesses claimed a man fired off a round during an argument outside. Police stopped and searched the suspect's vehicle nearby, Lt. John [Secreto] said. Officers also searched the man's home. No arrests were made. A report will be sent to the prosecutor's office.

Melinda was home at the time and heard the gunshot, then looked out the window and saw high school aged guys running down the street. There were plenty of witnessses, and supposedly they hauled away the guy who did it. The part that doesn't make it into the news story is that our neighbors said it was a 12 guage shotgun, not a .22. They told Melinda that the cops couldn't find a shotgun but they found enough other guns in this guy's car and/or house to arrest him.

Somehow it comforts me that the perpetrator's house is around the corner, not exactly on our street. Not like it was a violent person from our street, just shooting at people on our street. See, we don't live in a dangerous neighborhood! I hope they lock him up or something, or maybe find his stash so they can lock him up longer.


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