The Coming of the Post-Carbon Age
Cornucopianism, Resources Wars and the Low-Energy Future
An interview with Julian Darley aired on Unwelcome Guests radio is scaring me back into Y2K survivalist mode. Where will your food come from when there's no more fuel to bring produce to you? And it doesn't even have to get that extreme. Long before oil or natural gas run out, they will become more expensive as they become scarce. Where will your food come from when grocers start passing their rising fuel costs to consumers?

Darley is not really as alarmist as I'm making him sound. That's just me being alarmed. Then again, he does advise that everyone starts growing their own food, personally reducing our reliance on vehicles, consider how far we have to drive to get to work, etc. But he seems realistic. Get involved with community efforts in sharing resources and growing food locally, even local currency.

It all sounds obvious, but his talk is much more informative and inspiring and realistically frightening than I'm making it sound. Lots more info at


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