The advertising fad of using periods. As. Emphasis.
Is played out. Even if your company's tagline is "Infinite. Information. Innovations."

But the print ads for Seroquel get me choked up when I see them, in spite of having "Well! Adjusted!" blazing across the ads in hot-pink letters. Seroquel is an anti-psychotic drug used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. They might have some other ads that use this same tagline, but the one that gets to me shows a hippy in his twenties or thirties, goatee and hair tied back in a pony-tail, standing in a greenhouse with an apron on and smiling widely. You can just picture a backstory about this guy being in and out of hospitals, on and off different medications, in and out of work. Imagine the sensations of being in a greenhouse, hallucinating while the leaves and flower petals occasionally drop or rustle in the recirculating air around you.

No more disability for this guy! Most importantly to families and doctors and our society, he's back at work. It's not just that he's smiling at home and hanging out with friends or family, but he's clearly on the job. BACK on the job. If you surf around the Seroquel website (the "professional" part for docs not the consumer part), you can see other pictures of my favorite schizophrenic greenhouse dude carrying trays of flowers for a customer, happily interacting with co-workers, leaning over his boss's shoulder to look at something on a computer screen.

Anyway. First I'm weepy and then I go all pinko anti-capitalist. The ad is still pretty uplifting if you've ever had someone who seemed like they might never again be WELL! ACCEPTED!

Oh yeah, and just in case you're shopping around for an anti-psychotic but haven't chosen which one to hypochondriacally pester your doctor about, here's another neat detail about Seroquel. The pills are tiny and cute. They don't dissolve in your mouth like the new Risperdal (ensuring that non-compliant patients can't "cheek" them and spit 'em out later), but they're tiny enough to swallow without difficulty even if you are a tiny person with an overly sensitive gag-reflex.


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