Prediction: begin the countdown until Conservative pundits and then the mainstream media begins fluffing up the accusations about Kerry killing civilians in Vietnam. Back around the time he came out with that book, at least one of the men he served with claimed that Kerry and his squad took part in killing unarmed old people and women and children. Others in his squad backed up Kerry's claim that they had returned fire and later found that women and children had been killed in the process.

One man's word against another's, but guess how long before Conservatives start pumping up the claims that help them crush Kerry.

Also it's funny to hear people complaining about Wes Clark not distancing himself from Michael Moore's calling Bush a "deserter." See, there's no record of Bush having showed up for his last year of Air National Guard duty, but that does not PROVE he's a deserter. Meanwhile Bush apologists argue that even if Iraq was not creating new WMD's, they have no paperwork showing where or how they disposed of the tons of old WMD's that we gave them. Therefore some of the old WMD's must still be around.

Would it be too much to ask that pundits and journalists hold Bush and Michael Moore to the same standards of proof? If "you can't prove me wrong" doesn't work for Moore, then it shouldn't work for claims about Iraq's leftover WMDs either.


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