It sounds like Fox and everybody else is going to spin this story like Dean losing his temper, but the situation is just like a troll in a chat room or internet message board. The guy wasn't a Dean supporter or a democrat who had some qualms with Dean's policies. He was a total Bush supporter, registered Republican who only stood up to provoke an angry response from Dean. He had nothing helpful to say or to ask. If you're asking someone to decrease their negative statements, how can you be credible when the first words out of your mouth are "please tone down the garbage" and accusing your target of being "pompous"?

It would be nice if Dean had saintly patience and had been able to ignore it, but it's just provocation. Anyone would have reacted that way, after the snippy old fart bitched for three minutes straight, then tried to interrupt when you respond.

I'm not a total fan of Dean, but he's getting hosed.


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