Possibly the worst fake accent you've ever heard
Am I a sucker for pirate stories, or just desperate for something to occupy my mind while wasting my life doing data entry? I passed over Afloat with Henry Morgan the first time I saw it listed on Why would I care about some variety show hosted by Col. Potter from M*A*S*H? Then the word "afloat" caught my attention, and I realized they were talking about Captain Morgan.

Anyhow, it's chopped into 12 minute episodes, and most of them meander back and forth between the same characters squabbling. Still, if you listen for the slimy character "Diaz" (which they constantly pronounce as "Dee-OTTZ"), you may hear the worst Spanish accent ever attempted. I don't know how to describe it, but he's got it all wrong. He's supposed to be a despicable scoundrel, so it somehow fits that even his accent is fake. Experience Morgan's epic raid on Panama in 52 pulse-pounding episodes, and enjoy how the Kitty the tavern wench repeatedly threatens to lay open Diaz's skull with her pewter mug. (She keeps specifying that it's pewter, in several episodes.)


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