Plumb Wore Out
First there was the leak. In the course of assessing the leak, Frank discovered the bigger problem: lead pipes still fed shower and sink and toilet upstairs. Ma and Frank, with a little assistance from Melinda and I, tore out the kitchen ceiling, removed the lead pipes, ran new copper pipes, replaced some old brass fittings leading to the tub. Took a few days, but it worked. Then a new problem, the valve leading into the water heater would not open, so that needed to be replaced too. Seemed like new problems kept cropping up.

At this point, we've had hot and cold running water again for three days or so. Before that we had the hot water shut off, and tried to run the cold water only when we needed it, otherwise shutting off all water at the main. We were just getting accustomed to hauling pots of water from the stove top and microwave upstairs to pour our baths. The strategy now is to leave the kitchen ceiling exposed for a few weeks to watch for slow leaks that might develop. Wouldn't want to put time and money and effort into finishing and painting the ceiling only to find out that some fitting had a slow drip.

Now Melinda wants to paint the whole kitchen pink, not just the ceiling. I'm fine with that, plus it will mean that I can make an unpopular decision with some other room and she'll have to go along with it. Not sure which room is all mine to decorate. Probably the basement. Oh well.


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