from a July 29, 2003 White House Press briefing:
Mokhiber: Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Defense Secretary, said last week this: “I think all foreigners should stop interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq.” And I was wondering if the President agrees with that?

Scott McClellan: We've made our views very clear in terms of foreign terrorists being in that country in terms of countries that maybe could be taking steps to prevent that from happening. So I think the President has made his views very clear on that issue.

Mokhiber scored an awesome hit and McClellan couldn't even see it flying over his head, totally missed the point. It's depressing that neither Scott McClellan nor Paul Wolfowitz apparently saw any irony in that statement. Wouldn't a cessation of interference from all "foreigners" in Iraq include interfernce by the US, UK, Australia, Poland, and the other squires and waterboys of the so-called Coalition? I noted the same kind of statement a month or two ago when Bremer or Garner was trying to tell Iran to keep out because the invaders didn't want "foreign interference" in Iraq. Maybe I need to start watching these things on tv or hearing them say the words on the radio so I won't miss any nuances. Maybe the person transcribing this stuff is skipping over Wolfowitz or McClellan laughing, because it's difficult to imagine that they could keep a straight face when they're saying something like that.


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